All I can say is, I’m tired. Tired of all the jobs and duties and responsibilities that come along with motherhood. Tired of feeling like a cow. Tired of cooking and cleaning and doing luandry. I’m tired of being made to feel like I don’t have a right or a reason to feel tired. I’m even tired of feeling tired.

I feel like sisyphus. I keep pushing the boulder up the mountain, and it keeps falling  back down. And…it doesn’t matter how quickly or effieciently or neatly I roll the boulder, IT WILL FALL DOWN AGAIN.

The maddening cycle repeats itself. And the worst part is no one notices, cares, or appreciates your efforts.

Sometimes motherhood feels like the toughest job on the planet.



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6 responses to “tired

  1. Um Mahtab

    I get tired of my mommy struggles being labeled as “Sissy Fuss”! 😉 😉

  2. I know just how you feel. It makes me so mad sometimes!

  3. organicmuslimah

    I am sorry Amani. I have noticed that you have been “down” lately. Is your husband too busy to help out? Appreciate you?

    I am sorry if I am asking personal questions here. Just follow the pattern here. Reflect and make changes.

    Your daughter is a blessing, but sometimes you also deserve a break and great big hug.

    I am here for you.

  4. Jilbabble

    salaam alaikum..

    sometimes i get tired of just being human. i look at my cats and envy their kick back lives. Eat, sleep, use the litter box. Get ears and back scratched once in awhile. Cuddle up to my owner when I feel like it.

    hang in there. insha allah you will get your rewards!!!

  5. Walikum Salaam ukthi,
    Oh may Allah(swt) reward you for your selfless works. Motherhood is the LONG hall..and I know it may seem fruitless now, when your lil mamma comes up to you at 3 and says, “Mommy , I love you.” it’s work it. Find comfort in the fact that you are NOT in that BOAT alone (your sister here has JUMPED back in with both feet**smile**). Maybe you just need to be pampered…do something for you SELF. Insha~allah this summer I’ll be back in forth thru ATL on my way to visit my NH who will be stationed at FT Benning..you KNOW a sista will look you up..even if just to stroll thru the aquarium…
    Have faith my Devoted sister. Allah(swt) is your solace, find the afrimation for your works in HIM and HIM alone.
    Ma salaam

  6. Mothers never get thanked, but hey mothers day is coming up soon so you never know 😉 On a serious note, I think the only way we can get thanked is by our children turning out as great individuals. It’s a good idea to teach kids from an early age to participate in chores and to positively encourage them and reward them so that not everything is on mummy. And talking to our husbands does help too, he is on our side, this is a partnership and just like he lets off steam about his work, so should we from time to time 🙂 May Allah be with you inshaAllah…

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