Saturday, eh…

I’m starting to dislike the weekends. It’ like this: every weekend, I get all excited thinking about all the fun things I plan to do, and then the weekend comes and invariably it is spent just like all the weekdays. Taking care of Zakiyyah, cooking, cleaning, internet, tv.

So, here I sit watching The Food Network, and feeding Zakiyyah. My last three weekends were spent this way, and it looks like this one will be the same. I’m jealous of all people who see friends, have get-togethers, see movies, take trips and all the other fun stuff on weekends. For me it’s Zakiyyah, cooking, cleaning, internet an TV. Invariably…

I was supposed to go walking with some sisters this morning. That fell through. It was my fault, I got there late. I was going on Muslim time, and they were on time. Oh well, better luck next time…



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5 responses to “Saturday, eh…

  1. Plan something with hubster. At least once a week!

  2. I feel the same way as you. The only thing that is different on the weekend is that my oldest doesn’t go to school.

  3. lifeAgift

    IS muslim time any later than CP time?


  4. wong

    It is the sacrifice that you have to make when you have children. However the double bind is that as you get older (I am 42) time seems to pass more quickly, so that as you get older there seems to be less time available to go off and “enjoy” yourself.

  5. Organic, we always try and it always falls through…grr…

    Surviving, doesn’t it make ya mad?

    Life4agift, being a Muslim and a colored person, I have to say they’re roughly the same

    Wong, time seems to pass quickly for me, also.

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