sad, mad, angry…

Ok I have a rant. In order for this to make sense, I have to give some back story. My parents have seven children. Alhumdollilah, by the grace and will of Allah (swt), they raised us all Muslim. Unfortunately, some of my siblings have turned their back on Islam completely. It makes me sad. It makes me mad. It makes me angry. Anyway, one of my siblings is married to a Christian. I use the term “Christian” loosely. If a person never goes to church, shows poor character, and openly disrespects their in-laws, can that person still be considered Christian? All theologians feel free to respond.

After Katrina, my entire family evacuated together, including said sibling and said in-law. During those tumultuous times, my Grandparents invited all of us into their home. I watched as said in-law openly disrespected myself, my family, and my grandparents. Never once thanking my grandparents for putting them up, ignoring grandparents, eating my Cheez-itz, etc. Now, my sibling has decided to move the family to my city in Georgia. More specifically, down the street from us.

I told my sibling that there was a nice house for rent down the street, and they decided to move in. Upon seeing the house, sibling’s spouse stated that the house “Looks like a crack house,” and “stinks.” This is a nice house, which I have seen with my own eyes. So, this person not only disrespected the house, but also me b/c I happen to think it’s nice. They decided to move in anyway, becuase they didn’t have anything else set up.

If that wasn’t enough, my mother and I decided to visit sibling and family and welcome them to the neighborhood. We came in the house, and my mother said hello to all. We then commented on their new baby, and the home, basically making small talk. We were there for a few minutes when my sibling blows up at me, saying, “Don’t you see X sitting here? You’re ignoring X!” Can you believe that? My sibling had the nerve to accuse me of disrespecting their spouse, and yelled at me in front of everyone….and what did I do? Silly me, I apologized. I’m such a fool.

It makes me mad, becuase an older sibling is supposed to be someone you can look up to, ask for advice. They should be an example for younger siblings to model themselves by. This whole situation makes me so mad, and I know this post is confusing and maybe I shouldn’t even be complaining b/c their are people starving in the world, but I have to get this out…



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5 responses to “sad, mad, angry…

  1. Let it out momma let it out. You should tell your sibling how you feel. Except do not tell them in front of spouse.

  2. Subhanallah. You are in a difficult situation. If you cant vent here then were can you vent? like umm Abdurahman said let it out….I would recommend that you keep being patient with your sister regardless of how she treats you. Try and become as close as you can to her so she can see your life and the goodness of Islam. If you can be patient I think you probably might be able to influence her when her gaurd isnt up. I know advice is always easier said than done, may allah make it easier on you. Take care

  3. Salaamz Amani

    This is so sad to hear, especially as it seems so hard to keep people on the deen when their nafs wants otherwise. I pray this situation gets better and that she’ll return and realize what she’s missing. May they both treat you with the respect you deserve.

  4. I hate that too, when you are always kind and considerate to people and they don’t return the same back. I think you should back off and leave them be for a while until they call/invite you. Muslims not following the deen are confused and jealous people. The more you try and be nice with them the more they will resent you and rebel. I’m not saying give up entirely, i’m just saying take a break. Give him time to think and miss his sister. May Allah guide him and guide us all.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. You’re all right. All I can do is try to be an example, and not resort to their bad behaviour. Mona, you’re right Muslims not practicing will never be at peice. I think I won’t contact them for awhile.–>

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