A terror plot with $10??

Did you happen to hear about the 7 black men arrested yesterday? It’s been on the news all day. A group of “Jihadists” were supposedly planning an attack. It seems that some genius in the FBI infiltrated their “terror cell” and uncovered a “plot” to bomb the Sears Tower. These seem like lofty goals for a group of individuals with little more than $10 to their names. Not only do they have no money, explosives or concrete plans, they’re not even Muslim. “They all call themselves brothers and they are well-mannered,” his older sister, Marlene Phanor, said. “All they were trying to do was clean up the community. We are Catholic. He’s Catholic.” My mother could have told them that. She took one look at them and said, “They look Rasta to me.” It seems we are now living in a society where one need only talk about something and be tossed in jail. Be careful what you say…

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9 responses to “A terror plot with $10??

  1. Yes but the fact that they were not muslim did not prevent EVERYONE in this little tiny town from staring at me like I had a bomb under my jilbab. It was like I had stepped into the twighlight zone. Every store I went into had the news about “The home-front may be more dangerous than Al-Queida.” And every person was looking at me out of the corner of thier eyes. It was freaky.

  2. I hate that. Things like this make my husband want to leave the country permanently. But go where?

  3. You can come with us to Jordan.

  4. Seriously, we might take you up on that.

  5. Ugh! Jordan sounds nice. How about Dubai?

    I’m so tired of other Americans being duped. It’s like “wake up already!”

  6. Assalamu Aleikum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Y’all! I had to have a “making clear” conversation at the checkout lane in Walmart with the cashier. Well, just briefly she mentioned if I had “heard the news” and how things were getting worse for African Americans in New Orleans and the news was going to make it worse. Boy, I didn’t have words (like I usually do-hee hee) I managed to tell her that they didn’t represent Islam, the news said so, they were probably some sect. However, I’ve seen the neighborhood were they were at. Nobody ever pays any attention to those residents. Kinda like the lower ninth ward. I guess they were set up because they knew (whoever “they” may be) that they couldn’t afford proper representation from lawyers, etc. So unfair.

    Also, there are many cultures, many of them from the Carribbean, represented in Miami. Many of them could claim to have roots in African religions, and thus, Islam by that way. Still racist remarks from people are scary. Also, picking on people because they are “disenfranchised” is so unfair.

    I think it’s boiling over since the truth about them not being Muslim is coming out. This media attack on Islam is getting ridiculous! Sometimes I just stay away from the news entirely!

    You guys have to check out Izzy’s blog. Someone posted some beautiful pictures of the Ibn Battuta mall. Masha’Allah. Looks like Epcot! Although, generally, I must say, I would peg that as extreme luxury. But, really, at least the Muslims have some halal beautiful entertainment/beauty to share amongst themselves, not just keep it within the wealthy sector.

    Hey, y’all this is like a NOLA gathering over here!

    Y’all the weather over here has been great, maybe a bit hot, but it’s been a beautiful weekend.

  7. Conveniently the ‘terror cell’ arrests were announced shortly after another Bush Administration illegal spying program was discovered.

  8. Hmm…interesting connection Geoff. I never thought about that…

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