Gov. Schwarzenegger has refused to grant Williams clemency. AOL News – Governor Refuses to Stay Gang Leader’s Execution Williams will be executed tonight. I am overwhelmed with sadness as I write this. I can only include Tookie’s own words…

“I was beginning to understand that my experiences with the dysfunctional status quo of the prison culture – as well as drug addiction, poverty, gangsterism, racism, and other roadblocks – had become the excuses that defined my life. But no longer would my life, my being, be dictated by blind ignorance. Nor would I ever again allow the excuse of circumstance to dictate who I should be. It was daily studying and questioning that prompted my soul searching. I began to develop a sense of critical reasoning from which sprang the first stirrings of conscience. This was the moment when redemption infused itself into my life.” From Blue Rage, Black Redemption



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2 responses to “Tookie

  1. Salaams,

    even if he wasn’t granted clemency insha’Allah his redemption will be accepted.


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