ICNA Southern Regional Conference

Today I was able to attend the ICNA Southern Regional Conference, held here in Atlanta. The speakers included Dr. Ahmed Shakir and Imam Yusef Estes among others.

Dr. Shakir’s lecture was about depression and emotional health. I thought that was interesting, because this topic is seldom discussed at Islamic Conferences. He said that when one makes sujood it relieves tension and depression. He said that pressing the forehead to the ground massages your brain and relieves tension. I found this interesting, as I always feel somewhat relieved after doing a long sujood. You should give it a try. It can be vary relaxing.

There were also vendors at the conference. I was able to find a great Qur’an recitation software for only $10!!! It has the entire Qur’an, and when you highlight a certain ayat, or group of ayah, it will recite them over and over. So, you learn by repetition. Isn’t that great?! I think I may attend the conference tomorrow also, inshallah…


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  1. I am interested in hearing more about what the Imam said about depression. Also did you get to listen to Yusuf Estes. My husband and I listen to him a lot online but have never heard him speak live. Glad to hear ya’ll got the townhouse. It really does look very charming.

  2. yes..I was going to post about Imam Estes..but got tired đŸ˜‰ I’ll post tomorrow.

  3. salaaams,
    ABSOLUTELY TRUE about sujud. I often pray not only for the baraka but because the sujud itself is soooo relaxing. God knew what he was doing in requiring our prayers!


  4. Do you know if there is naother ICNA this year?

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