house woes

OK…so here I am in Atlanta. Jibril and I are looking for a house asap b/c the apartment we are in is horrible. I do not even want to get into all the things wrong with this place. When we first got here we stayed in a hotel for two weeks and we had to find a place soon, or we would have had to start paying for a hotel room.
When they first showed us a sample apt, it was sooo cute. Nice carpet, fresh paint, great kitchen cabinets etc. I was so excited. Then we come to move in, and the apt they tried to put us in was just GROSS. There were huge stains and cigarrette burns in the carpet. The bathroom floor was all cracked and dirty, the kitchen cabinets had a huge hole going right through one of them…let’s just say I was NOT happy.
I was already upset about the whole situation, and let’s just say the black woman came out of me that day. The rage of my ancestors was unleashed on those folks. So, they fixed all the VISIBLE damage, new carpet, new linoleum, a patch on the cabinet. Then I discover new problems. Pests of the four-legged and two-legged variety. That’s right…nasty roaches…and disgusting humans. I am really about to go insane in this place.
Anyway, this week we went looking at townhouses, and I think we found a keeper. It is sooo cute. It is soo clean and nice. It has 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The neighborhood is so quiet. Well, I guess anything would look good to me right about now 😉 I really hope we are able to get it, inshallah. Just pray that this works out for me.


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